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Areas of Expertise

Sleep, Stress, and Chronic Fatigue

Stress, chronic fatigue, and poor sleep run in a group of three and it is almost impossible to separate them. They are at the foundation of many chronic diseases related to lifestyle including obesity, heart disease, type two diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Working on improving these three provides ripple effects to other areas of your life. 

Health Coaching

I partner with clients who desire to improve their well-being through self-directed, lasting changes that are consistent with their values. I seek to always meet clients where they are at and help them walk a path of understanding what "well-enough" is and when to push. I believe in your capacity to change and know that you are an expert on your own life. 

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine trains doctors in the art and science of both natural and conventional medicine. It offers safe, effective patient-centered care. Naturopathic providers often incorporate nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy as well as lifestyle medicine into practice. Although I no longer diagnose or prescribe, I offer consultation and education on the safe incorporation of these modalities. 

My Approach

It is easy to become overwhelmed by all of the things that we should or could be doing for our health. Every week, it seems like there is something new to biohack our way to better lab work, more energy, less weight, and longer life. 

Health is achieved through little steps every day. It is built upon a foundation of some basic healthy behaviors. These are restorative sleep, whole foods nutrition, joyful movement, and focused mental health work. 

If you are...

Always stressed? 

Wired, but tired?

Struggling to get a good night of sleep?

Overwhelmed by all the "health" things you should do?

Curious about ways to incorporate natural health into your life?

Worn out from trying endless things that do not improve your health?

Are you ready to change, but not sure where to start? 

I will...

Provide a non-judgmental space.

Actively listen to you with empathy.

Spend the time to understand you, your struggles, and your goals.

Help you sort through your past successes and failures to find new motivation for change.


I will encourage you and challenge you to make the small changes that will allow you to meet your wellness goals.

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My Approach
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